Investments in Efficiency

My first project back in the shop (well, second if you count the new railing for our front entranceway, but who wants to count that?) is a moveable work support that will function right away as infeed/outfeed/side support for the tablesaw. I'll be adding rolling stands for several of my power tools, built to a heights that will bring their working surfaces on level with rolling support, to create a modular shop system.

The rolling support is modified from a plan I came across when I needed to build a table last summer for wedging clay. It's sturdy and light weight, and reduced to a square instead of a rectangle it's easy to move around. My woodshop is only 9.5 by 22.5 feet, and it has to hold all my stored lumber as well as function as working space, so floor space is at a premium. With moveable stands and supports, I can keep power tools pushed against the wall when I'm not using them, and when I need them I can pull them out and arrange the pieces in a way that will support whatever I'm doing. Anything that makes it easier for me to work is a good thing.

A table with a miter saw on top next to a table saw